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Spring Cleaning - Reset for Mind, Body, Spirit

Spring, the wake-up call after winter hibernation, is perfectly timed to facilitate a mind, body, and spirit reset. Gina will provide a 2-week prescription for refreshing and renewing yourself and your routine with mind-, body-, and spirit-centering practices.

This 2 1/2 hour class will start with the clearing of negative energy. Next, a guided meditation with Reiki will help to clear and balance your chakras . Then, you will learn how to eliminate the extra stress, clutter, and negative energy in your life. You will learn how to declutter from all of the noise and things that hold little value, and invest your energy into the simple things that help us grow, learn, bring genuine happiness and actually add value to our lives.

Next, the class will delve into the many reasons that a detoxifying diet may help to address health issues. Gina details sources of toxins, associated health issues and guides you around a 14 day diet detox process highlighting helpful foods and supplements. YES, you heard right! You CAN EAT FOOD on this detox!

Then you will create your own detoxifying bath salts using natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils to take home!

April 27, 2019 11 AM - 1:30 PM
Instructor: Gina Barbetta MS, RD, CD-N Dietitian-Nutritionist
Investment: $45 pre-registered; $50 at the door
Register: Gina @ or text 203-206-3873