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May Crystal and Sound Activation Meditation

Bradford Tilden, the Archangelic Host, and the Universal White Time (UWT) Crystal and Gemstone Healing Masters invite you to this powerful evening of crystal and sound healing activation and transformation. These are very special and unique meditations not offered anywhere else. The combination of Sound and crystal energies provide energetic nutrients at the cellular, molecular, and sub-atomic levels creating an opportunity for you heal, transform, and awaken to your greater Self in relation to the Divine. The activating UWT Gemstone Healing “treatments” raise your inner vibration, nourish your soul, and strengthen your spirit while reaching balance and harmony with the Earth’s changing energy.

Upon arrival, you will choose a layout card to determine which gemstone treatment to receive while laying down, being bathed in the sonic tapestry of Bradford’s channeled Angelic and shamanic soundscape of his voice and crystal bowls.. The gemstones will be placed on you by a certified UWT Gemstone Healing Practitioner. The gemstone treatment and sound bath will last approximately 30 minutes. You are asked to lay still until the energy transmission of the layout is complete, and the stones are removed by the practitioners.

Bring your own pillows, mats, blankets, etc. Please do NOT bring or wear anything bright RED as it will lessen the effects of the crystal energies. There will be a share and discussion following the experience.

Bradford is an internationally recognized Composer, Sound Healer, Crystal Healing Master and UWT Gemstone Teacher and Healer Excellent for the Universe.

Facilitated by Bradford W. Tilden

Sanctuary @ the Red Barn

Tickets: $25

Facilitated by Bradford W. Tilden