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Reset Detox Diet - 2019

This class delves into the many reasons that a detoxifying diet may help to address health issues. Gina details sources of toxins, associated health issues and guides you around a 10 day diet detox process highlighting helpful foods and supplements. YES, you heard right! You CAN EAT FOOD on this detox! 

Detoxification is nutrient dependent Biochemical process by which non water soluble compounds are transformed into water soluble compounds that are then excreted by the body through urine, sweat, or stool 

We are exposed to 1000’s of chemicals every year (pesticides, additives, household cleaning products, cigarette smoke, pollution, plastics) that build up over time creating a toxic burden on our bodies. 

Chemical exposure is associated with a host of diseases and medical issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, GI dysfunction chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, hormonal issues and even depression 

Come learn how to support the liver detoxification process and avoid future exposure to toxins.

Instructor: Gina Barbetta MS, RD
Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist
Certified Dietitian in Integrative and Functional Medicine. 
Reiki Master/Energy Healer

Garden room @ the Red Barn

Investment: $35 (cash, check, credit)

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