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Learn How To Cut Unwanted Cords That Are Draining Your Energy

We all have energy cords from past or present relationships and events attached to us that continue to get in our way. They can tire you out, create unexplained pains in your neck, back throat, stomach, etc and keep you from moving forward. At times they can make you depressed, angry or make you cry. It can be that pain your shoulders whenever you think of a specific person, or a family member who only "wants the best for you." The good news is that there is a way to rid yourself of these unwanted energy cords for good so you can move on with your life.

The technique is called Cord Cutting and has been used for hundreds of years. Once you learn how it is done you can use it at any time or any place when new cords attach themselves.

Learn this technique in a 90 minute class at The Red Barn in Durham. Not only will you learn the techniques but you will also receive your own free Cord Cutting Wand.

Elizabeth Lupacchino is a Hypnotherapist with multi certifications, Master Reiki Practitioner, Published Author and a student of Native American Shamanism with over 30 years of experience. She conducts group Hypnosis classes, group meditation classes, and group Shamanic Drumming classes in addition to seeing her individual clients. For more information or to make an appointment Elizabeth can be reached at (860) 281-9132.

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