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Manifesting Abundance: Releasing Resistance

The Law of Attraction is a gift that we have been given to help guide us to find our life purpose and live our life to the fullest. But most people would tell you it doesn’t work because it sounds too easy or they have read the books, tried it and it has not work for them. 

Well while the idea of asking for what you want and then receiving does sound easy up front ~ there is one “missing” key that most people do not understand in order to get manifesting to work them. This is resistance. You can ask for what you want all day and every day but if you resist it coming to you it will never happen. 

Resistance comes in many forms. It is: 

When you dwell over the lack of not having it 
When you ask but are doubt the result 
When you have negative beliefs or programs about what you are asking for 
When you are jealous of what other people have 
When you have negative thoughts about the things you asking for 

When you ask for something the Universe must provide it – It is the LAW. But if you have resistance to it then it will sit in a “dream” account until you are ready to receive it. For some that time will never come and for others if they truly want it deep down and decide to let go of the resistance it will come to them. 

Join us to start letting go of the limiting beliefs/programs that you have about manifesting or about the things you want in your life so you can finally feel freer to live the life you dream of. We will be doing belief work using ThetaHealing® and doing manifesting meditations so you can start seeing the changes in your life right away.

The Garden @ the Red Barn


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