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Alcohol Ink Workshop: Spring Egg Tree

Everyone loves to color eggs, but can you imagine coloring them with the vibrant colors of alcohol ink!?!? In this workshop led by Durham artist Meg Geyser, participants will create a unique and colorful egg tree with alcohol inks, plastic decorative eggs, tree branches, floral foam, and a galvanized metal planter. We will be using a special tool called a dauber along with felt to create wonderfully textured and gorgeously inked eggs. All supplies are included and no experience is necessary! This tree would make a terrific decoration for your home, or could serve as a very special hostess gift. Other display options for your eggs will also be suggested. Ages 13 and up. $50 for the three hour workshop. (If participants finish early, they are welcome to leave.)

Feel free to bring your own tree branches from a special tree, or you can join us as we forage for branches behind the Red Barn.
Alcohol inks do stain clothing and hands. Vinyl gloves will be provided, but please wear a craft apron or old clothes. You may wish to bring a box to transport your disassembled tree home.