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Introduction to Alcohol Inks with Meg Geyser

Please join Durham artist MEG GEYSER of Geyser Flow Arts for a relaxing afternoon filled with the vibrant COLORS of alcohol ink!!

Alcohol Ink is a highly pigmented and quick-drying medium that can be used on any non-porous surface. The intense colors of this ink mix and mingle in magical ways, creating unique textural effects, and beautiful (sometimes surprising), results. This two and a half hour workshop will begin with a short introduction to alcohol ink as a painting medium, and a demonstration of the many ways to move and control the inks on ceramic tile and Yupo paper. Participants will then have time for personal exploration with the inks using tile and Yupo, and will receive instruction on how to create an abstract landscape. We will create a total of 3 works of art, 2 on paper, one on tile. No experience needed, just bring a playful attitude and your sense of curiosity and discovery!

ADULTS AND TEENS AGES 13 AND UP. PLEASE BRING A CRAFT APRON OR WEAR OLD CLOTHES. (This vibrant ink does stain fabric). Please bring a box of some sort to safely transport your works of art home!