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Foundations of Astrology With Shari


“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” ippocrates


  1.  It is not only a powerful tool for self-knowing but it also the oldest tool dating back thousands of years. Every civilization known to man has had some form of astrology based system.
  2. Even more than a science and an art it is a language for the extraordinary uncovering of “YOU”. Understanding you will help you understand others. UNCOVER hidden potentials and your soul path. GET REAL with yourself and learn to make friends with your not so pretty aspects. We all have them!! (except me,hehehe) lol.

When you see your astrological chart you might say what in the jeepers is this? Lol. It’s okay. I’ll help you decipher it.

In this 2 1⁄2 hour FUN-FILLED class I will teach you the basic foundation and language of this EMPOWERING tool called Astrology.

Register beforehand and you will receive a gorgeous print out of your UNIQUE astrology blueprint that shows where all the planets were at the exact second you took your first baby breath. I will need your birth date, exact time of birth and your birth town for complete accuracy. If time is unknown that is okay.

Sign up, meet me, meet others, learn something new, learn a little more about you. I imagine we will have a splendid time together.

This class is the base class for all future classes such as Relationship, Sex and Passion Astrology, Career and Success Astrology.. And much more.

Investment: $20

For More Info please Email Shari Stanley at 

Earlier Event: September 9
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