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The Art of Being Psychic

What are mine? 

What if I use them wrong? 

Could I connect to negative energies? 

Will I cause trouble unknowingly? 

These are all great questions, but we are going to bust through those myths, so you can use your psychic senses in a way that helps you see your psychic sense as a friend instead of something to be afraid of.  Anything "unknown" can seem scary but your psychic senses should NOT be – because you are already using them – you just do not see you being you as being psychic. 

You may say – what?  I can't see or hear the spirit world.  But here is the thing, the psychic arts (as I like to call them) are not just about seeing and hearing in the ways you have been shown on TV or you have read in books.  Instead their appearance in your life is quite different for everyone. 

I invite you to join us in busting through the myths about psychic senses and how you can start to identify and practice using your own psychic gifts.  Class will consist of a short myth busting segment and then we will be doing exercises to help you identify your own psychic gifts to give you confidence in your ability to use the psychic sense(s) you already have in a way that empowers you. 

Investment: $20

The Garden room @ the Red Barn

Taught by Tami Reagor - Soul Luminary Guide and Mentor

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