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Crystal Sound Activation Meditation

Bradford Tilden and the Universal White Time (UWT) Crystal and Gemstone Healing Masters invite you to this powerful evening of crystal and sound activation. Years of private practice and public performance have demonstrated that the combination of crystal and sound energy yields profound results. Decreased stress, pain reduction, deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and spiritual growth are all common results.

During this event, participants will select a UWT Gemstone layout card at random to determine which UWT gemstone layout they will receive while being bathed in the sonic tapestry of Bradford’s multi-dimensional soundscape. Participants are asked to bring their own pillows, mats, blankets, etc. if they choose, and to NOT wear or bring bright RED. There will be a share and discussion following the experience. 

UWT Gemstone Healing is an advanced vibrational healing modality using the combination of specific crystals and gemstones on specific positions on the body and energy-field to obtain specific results. It was co-created by a life-long ET contactee from Sweden and the Higher Beings she works with. It was first offered in 1995 in Sweden, and in 1998 in the USA. Bradford studied with the Head Teacher for the USA in 2006-2008. He is the only certified teacher of UWT Gemstone Healing on the East Coast. He has certified practitioners in San Francisco, Chicago, Scottsdale, Portugal, and locally. His classes are currently on rotation at the Red Barn.

Sanctuary @ The Red Barn

Pre-registration: $25 wtih eventbrite or $30 cash at door.

Faciliated by Bradford W. Tilden: or 415-420-6232

Later Event: November 12
Meditation Monday