Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault, MA, RMT, CHT, Fine Art Photographer 

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Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault holds a Master degree in Social Science from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.  Roslyn also has multiple undergraduate degrees in Fine Art Photography, Studio Arts, and Liberal Studies, as well as, certifications as a Pastoral Counselor, Reiki Master Teaching, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Magnified Healing.   Roslyn’s Reiki practice focuses on holistic healing for people and their pets, from a place of heart-centered, mind, body, spirit, and emotional healing. Roslyn Reiki healing also includes other healing modalities, such as Polarity, Crystals, Young Living Essential Oils and Back Flower Essences.  Amongst Roslyn class offering are lessons for Intuitive Animal Communication Skills, Dog Training, Wellness, Inner-Child Recovery, and Expressive Art Therapy through the use of Vision Boards, Collage, Watercolors, Photography and Computer Aided Art.  

For over the past three decades, Roslyn has developed into a photographer, whose portfolio cultivates a mature, distinctive photographic style that is representative of a deeply, seeded place of soulful inspiration, which moves the photographic image into the world of soul-collage, painterly magnificence.  Roslyn’s photographic images brings the viewer’s gaze, to unlock the gates for the opening of their own healing journey.   

Roslyn was first attuned to Reiki level one, in 1996, along with other Holistic Aids Response Program volunteers, on a beautiful mountain retreat set in Descontro, CA.   in 1999, shortly after moving back to CT in 1999, Roslyn completed her Reiki studies and in 2004, and she is attuned to Reiki Master and Teaching by Cynthia Ewing, RMT.   
Roslyn’s own healing journey has been one upon the path of survivorship, for she is happy to share the methods that helped her to successful integrated and her inner-child's traumas that, triggered PTSD symptoms within her adulthood.  It is, Roslyn’s beliefs, that, “it is through the tending of our wounds that one can be made whole” and that, “the wounded healer heals best”, because they have been on the same path as their clients, and are now, reaching base to help other’s find their best place for healing their own stories.  For Roslyn the healing modalities of Radix, Through-Field-Therapy, and Talk Therapies, both in group and individual sessions that, have always been helpful, but it was being attuned to Reiki one, that set her on the right path for of what Carl Jung calls, “The Hero’s Journey”.   

In 2010, Roslyn entered into second level of survivorship after the diagnosis and treatment for Uterine Cancer, and this is what lead her to create her photographic series: “A Vision of Hope: Count Your Blessing”, which tours Connecticut in 2011 and 2012 and can be found posted within her photographic portfolio, features in her web site: 

In 2016, Roslyn retired from fifteen-years of service from Wesleyan University, where we worked as the Administrative Assistant V, for the department of chemistry, where she provided support services for facility, undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and the public.   Additionally, from 2004 to 2017, Roslyn worked as a teaching-artist within the after-school program at Green Street Arts Center, Middletown, CT, teaching K-9 photography and computer-aided art.   

As of January 2019, Roslyn has become a practitioner at the Red Barn in Durham, New Earth Holistic Wellness and Arts Center, which is a community of like-minded holistic practitioners, who have the goal and work together to to help bring healing and wellness to the world and community at large. 

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