Requirements for our practitioners

  1. Practitioners must share a common outlook on healing.  They must share in the common vision – for their own business and for the Center. 

  2. Practitioners must hold and practice the highest ideals of integrity, trustworthiness and respect, 

  3. Practitioners must recognize that we are all connected, by ONE HEART, and the sum is more than our individual selves.  When one is affected either positively or otherwise, we are all affected.   

  4. Practitioners must value teamwork and collaboration. 

  5. Practitioners will all contribute to the financial integrity of our Center – offering Community classes for ongoing donations, networking for classes to be held at our Center and whatever creative ideas practitioners may have to assure payment of all utilities, insurance, internet, cleaning, bottled water. 

  6. Practitioners will all treat our Landlord with the highest respect and gratitude.  We have been blessed and gifted. 

  7. In the case of conflict, practitioners will be able to voice their opinions, differences and concerns without malice and without judgement.   Open discussion will be utilized with respect.  Solutions will be offered. Compromise will be requested. A majority rule will be implemented. 

  8. Providers will open their own Eventbrite account.