Dr. Debra's Red Barn Natural Apothecary

HOURS: Monday 1 PM - 5 PM, Friday 1 PM - 5 PM & Saturday 12 PM - 3 PM


Your destination at the Red Barn for high quality clays, salts, essential oils, bach flower remedies, candles, gluten free face & body care and more!

  • Clays of several types for face and dermatology treatments
  • Salts from around the globe for hydrotherapy and dermatology treatments
  • Treatment Ampoules- specially formulated by Dr. Debra for skin conditions & anti-aging
  • Botanical Extracts & Balms- organic & wild crafted in tune with thanking Mother Earth for her gifts and properly handled from gathering to bottling
  • Essential Oils & Diffusers- organic & wild crafted, pure concentrates, batch verified for integrity
  • Bulk Medicinal Herbs- unique & effective herbs meant to be used from their dried state
  • Bach Flower Remedies custom blended with evaluation consultation
  • Homeopathic Remedies for allergies and physical, mental & emotional conditions for naturapathic medical patients or personal wellness journeying services
  • Neutraceuticals that are professional grade from the best sources available- vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas- majority for naturopathic medical patients, some for public
  • Detoxification & Cleansing supplies, kits & castor oil packs
  • Organic Gluten-free, non-toxic face & body care & therapeutic dry skin brushes
  • Organic Perfumes that are properly formulated from plants with base-mid-top notes
  • Organic Candles & Incense that are non-toxic for the home and humans
  • Jewelry- gemstone, nature-inspired, handcrafted



Phone:  203-525-4474

Website: https://www.dranastasio.com/