Our Vision

Our common vision will be to create and support a safe haven for the provision of holistic care, healing arts, and creativity.  We will be the premier center in the community with licensed and seasoned practitioners for the many modalities of healing – mind, body, spirit. We will also grow and maintain a center for artistic offerings with art therapy, art classes and professional photography. 


Our Mission

We are creating a place of caring, compassion, good will, and harmony.  We have licensed psychotherapists – individual, family and art therapists, licensed massage therapists, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, registered dietitian, artist,  professional photographer, and a shamanic sound healer.   We work with spiritual energies with respect and honor for the purpose of facilitating healing for our clients.  Our place combines together collaboratively the skills and wisdom of its practitioners, who  work together for the highest good of all – focus respectively on the mind, body, spirit and heart.