Michelle Pellin

Phone: 860-805-7819

Email: michelle.pellin@yahoo.com

Website: Michelle Pellin

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I currently hold two masters degrees: Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology, and Human Services/Counseling. I had a license as a therapeutic professional foster parent from 1999 to 2018. I also have work as a case manager fighting for the rights of my elder clients and acquired brain injured clients, and have a certification in brain injury (CBIS). Personally, I am married, and have four adult children, two of which were adopted through DCF, and two are my biological children.  I also am a part of the congregational faith.  


I am a true believer that your past experiences have brought you to your present situations, and will be assisting and supporting you in your counseling journey.  I will help you find a better, more peaceful place in your life using suggestions that fit you, and that you are comfortable with.  You are the captain of the ship, and therefore will lead the way in this journey.   We all have gifts and talents, and it is my hope that you will know who you are, and where you are headed by the end of the journey.  My philosophy is simple. Believe in yourself! 

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