Blended Healing Touch Treatments

This a fresh method of healing, that integrated the use of these three healing modalities Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing and Polarity, which meets the the client and/or their pet companion, where healing is needed the most. This is the ultimate experience for calmness, relaxation best experienced within a 6o minute or 90 minute session for optimum feelings of wellness. For any one going through an emotional, mental or physical healing crisis, this practice will help to lift and reactivate the positive flow of Universal Life Force Energy for people and their pet companions.

For example:

  • Solo treatment for a person

  • Solo treatment for the pet companion

  • Solo treatment for the person with distant healing for their pet companion

  • Joint treatments for the person with their pet present receiving a passive healing

  • Separate treatments first for the person and then for their pet companion



Intuitive Animal Communicator

Intuitive Animal Communicator works with the divine energy of love on a telepathic level of connection, with animals, themselves, and with the per owner, by clearing their mind to create an receptive space of mind that bridges the link for current thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, to step forward, through pictures, words and body sensations. This bridge is a harmonious connection of consciousness that allows our animals to tell us their stories, ask for what they want or needs, and to help their owners move forward on their own healing and spiritual path. This channel of communication becomes open work with photographs, a conversation, or having the pet companions present within the consultation.



Intuitive Animal Dog Trainer

As an Intuitive Animal Dog Trainer, insights are gained to help identify and resolve behavioral, emotional and physical issues, in conjunction with teaching each dog owners methods for improved communication with their animal companions through the use of conventional positive dog training methods, which includes praise, play, touch and treat rewards. It is never to late to have a happy, well-behaved puppy or dog. This dog training approach meets each dog where they are in life and it is an especially beneficial training approach for rescued and rehomed dogs by helping to expedite and resolve past traumas with understand and love.