Essential Oil Consults

Get personal attention in a one on one session to learn which essential oils you could benefit from!

Practitioner(s) using DoTerra Essential Oils:

Practitioners using Young Living Essential Oils:


Nutrition Classes

Group Classes focused on Nutrition. Here are some of the classes being offered: Nutrition for anxiety and depression, Cooking with essential oils,        Dietary supplements and herbal medicine, Introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition, Gut Health: Nutrition Recommendations and  Menopause:  Holistic Nutrition Therapy.


Nutrition Counseling

Individual counseling - personalize nutrition specific to your goals.  

  • Adult and Pediatric nutrition issues:

    • Weight loss

    • Digestive issues: IBD, IBS, celiac disease, diverticulitis

    • Allergies and food sensitivities

    • Nutrition for anxiety and depression

    • Special diets: Ancestral diets, ketogenic, gluten free, paleo, low FODMAPS, SIBO, elimination diets, cleanses

    • Heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, high insulin levels

    • Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational diabetes

    • Hormonal issues: Female hormones, thyroid issues, hypothalamic amenorrhea, PCOS, fertility problems



Patient Advocate Services

Do you find yourself getting frustrated navigating the healthcare environment? Do you need help scheduling services, organizing bills or just need someone to talk to about your health concerns? 

I have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and can help you navigate the healthcare  environment.  

Services  include  but are not limited to working with your insurance company, researching doctors, facilities and  diagnoses for the best providers in the field as well as providing services to help reduce stress and keep you calm.

I offer a Free 30 minute consultation to understand your needs / situation and to see if my assistance could help you on an ongoing basis.