Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping & Gua Sha

Acupuncture meridians can be treated using a variety of methods to release stagnation & blockage or improve deficiencies & restore balance.  Depending on the severity and chronicity of the condition, there are several methods of treatment available.


    • Swarovski crystal or seed bead kits are used to treat a variety of conditions- Focus & Clarity*, Stress & Anxiety*, Weight Loss*, Lady Libido*, Headache & Migraine*, Acne***, Fertility***, & Stop Smoking***.  Many other conditions can be addressed using a pack of either crystal or seed applicators- please inquire.  You will receive electro or needle acupuncture followed by crystal or seed tack application for continued home acupressure treatment.

    • Cupping and/or Gua Sha can be use to release stagnant conditions, opens the meridians for balance and health, relieves pain or swelling and restores beauty and a sense of calm spirit.   Resolve issues with fibromyalgia, pain, lyme, autoimmune, pain syndromes and more.  



Dr. Debra's Red Barn Natural Apothecary


Your destination at the Red Barn for high quality clays, salts, essential oils, bach flower remedies, candles, gluten free face & body care and more!

  • Clays of several types for face and dermatology treatments
  • Salts from around the globe for hydrotherapy and dermatology treatments
  • Treatment Ampoules- specially formulated by Dr. Debra for skin conditions & anti-aging
  • Botanical Extracts & Balms- organic & wild crafted in tune with thanking Mother Earth for her gifts and properly handled from gathering to bottling
  • Essential Oils & Diffusers- organic & wild crafted, pure concentrates, batch verified for integrity
  • Bulk Medicinal Herbs- unique & effective herbs meant to be used from their dried state
  • Bach Flower Remedies custom blended with evaluation consultation
  • Homeopathic Remedies for allergies and physical, mental & emotional conditions for naturapathic medical patients or personal wellness journeying services
  • Neutraceuticals that are professional grade from the best sources available- vitamins, minerals, herbal formulas- majority for naturopathic medical patients, some for public
  • Detoxification & Cleansing supplies, kits & castor oil packs
  • Organic Gluten-free, non-toxic face & body care & therapeutic dry skin brushes
  • Organic Perfumes that are properly formulated from plants with base-mid-top notes
  • Organic Candles & Incense that are non-toxic for the home and humans
  • Jewelry- gemstone, nature-inspired, handcrafted

Naturopathic Medical Care

Naturopathic visits begin with a comprehensive medical history, nutritional physical, laboratory and functional medicine testing evaluation.  I approach your case with a forensic mind to determine the cause and diagnosis of your conditions, and then develop an individualized treatment plan to address the root cause of the health issue by incorporating several modalities.  We work on a continuum, taking you from where you are right now to where we know you can be at a pace that is comfortable and right for you to optimize success.  

By appointment only.

No Insurance Coverage for visits at the Red Barn.



Nutrition Classes

Group Classes focused on Nutrition. Here are some of the classes being offered: Nutrition for anxiety and depression, Cooking with essential oils,        Dietary supplements and herbal medicine, Introduction to Ayurvedic nutrition, Gut Health: Nutrition Recommendations and  Menopause:  Holistic Nutrition Therapy.


Nutrition Counseling

Individual counseling - personalize nutrition specific to your goals.  

  • Adult and Pediatric nutrition issues: 
    • Weight loss 
    • Digestive issues: IBD, IBS, celiac disease, diverticulitis
    • Allergies and food sensitivities
    • Nutrition for anxiety and depression
    • Special diets:  Ancestral diets, ketogenic, gluten free, paleo, low FODMAPS, SIBO, elimination diets, cleanses
    • Heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, high insulin levels
    • Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational diabetes
    • Hormonal issues: Female hormones, thyroid issues, hypothalamic amenorrhea, PCOS, fertility problems



Personalized Wellness Journeying

Go beyond what can be accomplished in typical medical visits.  You will be guided to explore your deeper self and set out on a journey to whole peace, health & wellness.  Discover what you need and want to optimize and balance your mind, body and spirit.

  • Emotional Balance
  • Physical or Mental Resistance
  • Relationship with Food/Body & Intuitive Healthy Eating
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Personal Care & Nurturing
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Non-Toxic Living
  • Interacting with Nature

Your journey begins with an explorative session to examine your overall state of wellness.  Sessions are arranged to address goals & priorities to guide your efforts.