Beauty Treatments & Farmhouse Facial Parties

Organic, gluten-free comprehensive face care for all skin types.  Learn how to use botanical products to correct acne, hyper-pigmentation, sensitive skin, aging & wrinkling while avoiding toxic chemical & medications.  


    • Organic, gluten-free cleanse, exfoliate, gemstone gua sha, sheet mask, gemstone face roller, botanical mist, serum, and moisturizer suited to your skin type.


    • PDT Light is a 20 minute treatment using a specific color frequency to treat different skin issues- acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, aging, sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis. Application is after serum and before the final moisturizer.

  • Varicose Vein Treatment

    • Botanical leg wraps, restorative vein tonic and gua sha treatment. Multiple Sessions Recommended. Buy 4 weekly sessions and get the fifth week free.


    • Face parties are pre-scheduled on our events page or can be privately booked for a minimum of 6 attendees. The focus can be on a specific skin issue such as acne, or can be how to properly use and experience products such as exfolation and peels.



Cleanse & Renew Therapies

Cleanse, release and restore with a variety of therapies:  Far Infrared Sauna, Sea Ionic Detoxifying Foot bath, Chi Mover, Earthing Grounding, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Botanical Infusions, Mineral-Oxygen Waters , Breathwork, Meditation and Bodywork.  

  • Baltic salt renewal

    • FIR, saltwater hydrotherapy wrap, cleansing breathing, EO aromatherapy, mineral-oxygen water.

  • Juniper Lymphatic Release

    • FIR, Chi, Juniper EO, manual lymph release, lymph tonic infusion.

  • LAVENDER Calming Spirit

    • Spoonk Mat, Acupressure for stress relief, lavendar EO, breathing coherence, calming tonic.

  • grounding & balancing

    • EO & acupressure foot treatment, earthing treatment, grounding breathing ;meditation with petrified wood, grounding botanical tonic.




  • full body massage

    • Full body massage or specified chronic injury work...or a combination of the two techniques...

Practitioner(s): Lisa Radzunas, LMT, RMT

  • Massage Therapy

Practitioner(s):  Sally Stoetzle

  • Couples Massage

    • A cozy environment to let go and enjoy the attention to detail with infused warmed towels for the feet, oils, and hot stones after the perfect back massage, only to enhance your relaxation by sharing it.

Practitioner(s):  Sally Stoetzle