Akashic & Angelic Readings

Akashic Records or "The Book of Life" For many individuals this Book of Life is simply an imagery symbol of those destined for heaven and has its roots in the custom of recording genealogical records of names or perhaps early census taking. Traditional religion suggests that this book – either in literal or symbolic form – contains the names of all those who are worthy of salvation. The Book is to be opened in connection with divine judgment (Dan. 7:10, Rev. 20:12). In the New Testament, those redeemed by Christ are contained within the Book (Philippians 4), those not found in the Book of Life will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Angels are messengers of God and they want to communicate and have relationship with you as they have been assigned to your purpose.  

A reading session accesses information to guide and correct your soul path or journey to be in line with God's plan for you, your relationships and purpose here on Earth.  

FYI-This is not a psychic or medium reading.  




The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device that combines state of the art Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst crystal. ... The Biomat is a revolutionary healing tool, ideal for health care professionals or anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellbeing.



Chartres Labyrinth Journeying

Using a scaled replica of the Chartres Labyrinth from France, we journey into the center 6-petaled rose symbolizing love and union with God, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit.  Each petal represents mineral, plant, animal, human, angelic and the Divine elements clockwise respectively.  The circle represents Heaven, God and spirit, the Alpha and Omega, and eternity.  We set personal intentions before journeying to the center approaching God, and leave with renewed purpose and peace.



Combined Reiki & Intuitive Energy Therapy (IET)

Using both modalities to work with the clients mind, body and spirit to assist in moving past traumas and helping with moving forward in a healthy way. *each person is different, the healing process is not a one time visit. 

Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

In Intuitive Energy Therapy (IET), the practitioner uses their body as a conduit and works directly with the angelic realm to remove pain and trauma from past lives and the current life to allow the client to freely move forward with a healthy mind and heart. 



Energy Healing Classes

Group Classes focused on Nutrition. Here are some of the classes being offered:  Chakras – An in-depth look,  Create Your Own Crystal healing wand, Guided meditation with energy healing with Reiki and crystal, Reiki classes and shares, Astrology, Manifesting and How to use a pendelum.


Guided Meditation

These are small, intimate weekly meditation groups. 

We come together in like mind to help heal and revive our inner souls.  While meditating along achieves this, when meditating in a group the outcome is multiplied. 


Intuitive Energy Therapy (IET)

The practitioner uses their body as a conduit and works directly with the angelic realm to remove pain and trauma from past lives and the current life to allow the client to freely move forward with a healthy mind and heart. 



Heart- Brain Harmonization

These techniques boost the immune system and decrease anxiety and promote overall good health.




Guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist. This trance-like state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one's own thoughts or meditations. In this state, clients can turn their attention completely inward to find and utilize the natural resources deep within themselves that can help them make changes or regain control in certain areas of their life.  It can help with:

  • Weight Loss 

  • Smoking Cessation 

  • Fear of flying, or other phobias 

  • Sleep Issues 

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Public Speaking

  • Catastrophic Illness, such as cancer

  • Fear of surgery or other medical procedures 



Intuitive & Vibrational Healing Session

Relax and renew while receiving Therapeutic Touch body scan and healing.  By virtue of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, prophesy, and the gift of healing, you will receive information useful for your health, relationships, happiness, and to acknowledge God and Spirit as it relates to you personally. 

FYI-This is not a psychic or medium encounter.  Praying with you and over you is offered at the end of the session.

Charitable donation  at time of service

Recipients are local women's shelters- Holy Family Home & Shelter and My Sisters Place, Carolyn's Place pregnancy center, and St. Vincent de Paul homeless shelter.  

These appointments are limited to one per day availability.



Intuitive Reading

The practitioner reads the clients energy to offer guidance on what the mind and body is in need of at the moment. 

I’ll also invite loved ones that are no longer living in earth. Spirit guides and angels to use me to pass words of wisdom and answer questions. 

I am unable to control who comes through. I pass the message, these messages may not be what you want to hear, these messages are what you need to hear for your best and highest good. 



Magnified Healing®

"Magnified Healing®  establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the Source, the All That Is, the Infinite Mind, the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE, through all of the Spiritual Centers, down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the very foundation for the Ascension process." ~ Gisèle King

Magnified Healing is at least a 5th dimensional frequency vibration healing energy and in that it is a tool for the Ascension process because its focus is on the heart - Unconditional Spiritual Love and Compassion -  we build our Light Body, we work with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and we are of service to others. Magnified Healing is used for distant healing, balancing the karma, activating all the strands of DNA as well as healing the Earth.  MH is really an Ascension Initiation. It heals at all levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual. It also introduces the student to the Hierarchy (Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Shekinah (Holy Spirit), etc.).

The benefits of It can:

  • bring  a deeper peace
  • •Harmonizes the nervous system
  • •Clear/ Balances the chakras
  • •Heals the past 
  • •Brings deep soul healing to the heart
  • release karma 
  • increase consciousness awareness
  • and much more 

To Learn More please visit this site https://magnifiedhealing.com/



    Psychic and Energy Intuitive

    The ability to intuitively sense a person energy field and provide information back to the individual in an easy to digest process.  A session can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes by appointment




    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.



    Sacred Geometry Healings 

    Using the principles of sacred geometry, we set the intention for a specific area of health & wellness, and create a personal healing grid using gemstones, crystals, feathers, shells, flowers, more!  We combine this with reflections, guided imagery, positive affirmation &  homeopathy, flower essence or aromatherapy for completion of the session.



    Spiritual Medicine Woman

    As a Spiritual Medicine woman, I work with your guides, angels, ancestors and earth energy to help guide you and heal.



    Universal White Time Healing

    Universal White Time Healing uses the crystals,  gem stones and color in layouts for healing the body , mind and  spirit. With these layouts some have had  a shamanic journey.  Learn more about it:  http://www.whitetimegem.com/