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Tong Ren class-Group energy healing and distance healing

During the Tong ren class people will sit and receive energy. 3 things will be tapped on for each person. Group energy healing will be received. After Tong Ren a quick tune up with Tui Na technique may be performed. Healing tools will be used to assist the healing process. Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound healing and more.

"Tong Ren Healing", an energy healing system developed by Tom Tam was named after the acupuncture figure created by the TCM forerunners. Tong Ren healing is becoming increasingly popular and widespread. Worldwide, and on a daily basis, people with serious illnesses are treated by Tong Ren therapists. Countless patients benefit from and are healed by Tong Ren Therapy. Each Tong Ren therapist has his/her own way of healing people. The effectiveness of the healing is high, and the cost is low. Tong Ren Therapy is extremely easy to learn. Basically there are three major techniques – with (1) the hammer, (2) laser beam, and (3) pins. Discing technique is the latest technique developed and applied in Tong Ren practices. Tong Ren Therapy is based on the power of our mind creating energy for healing. The source of this energy is from the collective unconscious, which is connected to the super conscious. When we practice Tong Ren, the focusing of our mind comes from our subconscious and unconscious - which means, “Just do it”. If we make a conscious effort to focus, the focusing comes from our conscious mind, not from the unconscious mind. No one can consciously access one’s unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is instinctive and cannot be controlled. Functions of the unconscious mind are automatic reactions. This use of the mind with the hammer technique facilitates the breaking down of blockages, which can then let energy pass within the body freely. With Tong Ren healing, we do not need to think or focus on the breaking down of the blockages, because the thought has already been stored as memory in our subconscious mind. Using the hammer technique, we hit points on the doll for about 10 to 15 minutes. As a rule this is enough. Patients can hit the doll for self-healing, but the best way is to ask someone else to do it because in this way the patient can be totally relaxed in order to receive the healing energy. A child’s mind is purer than an adult’s and without resistance. That is why children are more effective when using the hammer technique than most adults. With late stage cancer, daily use of Tong Ren healing is required. With cancer at an early stage, we can use Tong Ren two or three times a week. If the patient wants to do it or have it done on him/her more often, it is all right to do so because there are no side effects with Tong Ren healing. The more you do it, the more you benefit from it.

This is a 6 part series.

  • Part 1- 1-8, 1-15, 1-29, 2-5, 2-12, 2-19

  • Part 2- 2-26, 3-5, 3-12, 3-19, 4-2, 4-9

  • There will be no class on 1/22 or 3/26

$10 donation

Teacher: Erik Harris

Where: Sanctuary @ the Red Barn

Earlier Event: February 12
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Later Event: February 13
Reiki Share